Not Actually a Pirate

I am really, extremely, amazingly excited to announce the release of my new Hello Pronoun stickers! I posted about these on twitter last night, but I can finally talk about them at length a bit more here. 

The stickers read “Hello, address me as:_________, Please use: ________”, allowing you to declare your name of choice and preferred pronouns immediately upon meeting people. These have been my pet project over the last week or two and a lot of thought has gone into their production. The colours were specifically chosen to be nongendered - no pink or baby blue (The Ze/Hir/Hirs looks a bit blue in these pictures but is really solidly teal), They rather specifically do not read “my name is” to head off people being dicks about “Is that REALLY your name?” because frankly it doesn’t matter if it is or not because it’s what you fucking go by. (Besides which, the concept of a true name is pretty bullshit unless you’re looking into demon summoning) I feel like there are a lot of great potential uses for these! They’d be great at school LGBT-club meetings or other large gatherings where you’re likely to meet a lot of new people, like conventions. They can be used right after coming out to help people who’ve known you for a while adapt to your new name/pronouns. If you’re genderfluid, you can use them to declare your preference on any particular day (and I’m looking into some more permanent buttons that’d make this much easier). They can even be used to remind that one old friend who can never get your damn pronouns right. Overall, it seems like these’ll be a wonderfully useful thing for folks under the trans* umbrella to have around and I’m really happy to have made them.

Obviously I couldn’t cover every pronoun variation/combination, particularly on the first run of stickers, but I tried to cover my bases on common nongendered/third gender pronouns. I’m completely open to taking requests for additional stickers, though, and if I get enough requests for a particular pronoun set I’ll be glad to maker a sticker for it.

I’ll have these with me at SacAnime this weekend for 1/$0.50, 5/$2, and 10/$3. They’re currently available on my Storenvy at 5/$2 - I’ll be adding 10/$3 after the con, at the moment I just want to make sure I don’t run out as I’ve only printed up 160 of each design.

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